Susanne Lejuez

My name is Susanne Lejuez.

Ever since I was a young girl I have had a fascination with training dogs and this extended to my lifelong passion: the working sheepdog, also known as the Border Collie.

I have worked with dogs my whole adult life, have been a shepherd in both Ireland and still herding in the Netherlands, trainer of guide dogs for the blind and have managed to do well at National and International sheepdogtrials.

Before deciding to commit to training mostly Border Collies I tried a variety of sports with my first few dogs, and also my first Border Collie. Sports such as agility, scent tracking, obedience and tricks for doggy dance.

From my background in dog training and dog behavioural studies, I have come to prefer a method that works with the individual dog as well as the combination dog/ handler. Harmony and teamwork between dog and handler and an animal friendly approach are very important.