ISDS (ROM) BE/326472

Eryri Jaff / Jonna

Hip Score HD A

ECVO eye test: Clear

DNA CEA: Carrier



Kyra was born while I still lived in Scotland, she showed promise very early on.

She is a lovely bitch, with an extreme will to please. She has a brilliant outrun, great feel for sheep, lovely stylish and full of speed. She loves being with you, is amazing at working at the shepherd job and a great trial bitch.

Due to my move to the Netherlands and the lack of time, sheep and opportunities, I only started trialing her after she got her Registration On Merit.


Since that time, she has done brilliantly, winning her first trial. Then coming 2nd and 1st at two BCCN Promotion Trails, after which she went into the Open class. There she came 2nd and 5th at the Kent Open, her first two Open Trials she ran in and ended up 2nd overall.

She had numerous placings and wins, To top it off in 2015 she ended Reserve National Champion behind her dad Eryri Jaff who was National Champion that year. She also got the price for the best International shed that year.


In 2016 she started off with a brilliant season, getting placed well in both CSC and World Trial Qualifiers, winning the 3rd WT Qualifier.

She was well on her way to get easily in the team when disaster struck. At a normal day, I used her to take some grumpy ewes and their lambs away from the training flock. I was going to give a few lessons, and a workshop, just a lovely relaxing day. She worked great and took the two grumpy ewes and their offspring away into another field. Enjoying working her so much, I played away a bit with her, sending her back to fetch the other sheep. A few sheep wanted to break away and Kyra went to stop them, nothing strange, no pressure, just fun. But she ran to close to the corner fence post, an oak cleaved post with a sharpish corner. The impact shattered her femur in a bad way just above the knee. The first operation was a disaster, and another operation had to be performed. The second operation was done at a different Vet Clinic, here they also did a bone marrow transplant in order to get the bone to heal. This operation was successful, yet a third operation was needed at the beginning of January 2017, to remove the plate in her leg. We hope that this year she will recover further and who knows, maybe she might be able to work again.




We will hope to be able to add more information about her in months and years t come, but as for now she will be recovering from her operations and be mostly a pet.