(Eryri Jaff x Gail)


DNA CEA/CH – Normal

DNA TNS – Normal

ECVO – Clear (3-1-2017)

Functional exterior – Very Good (Highest mark possible)


Tom came to us at a later age, I went to look at him at the age of 11 months, almost turning a year. He had been kept in a kennel, almost exclusively and had not seen much of the world at all, he weighed just about 11 kg, and his white was yellow. At the time he was afraid of his own shadow, and only showed very little interest in sheep. He went around them, but the world outside was too new then, making it hard for him to focus. To top that off, he also didn’t have any muscle tone, making him slow and extremely unfit. It took a good few months to just turn him into a dog, taking him out to sheep regularly, and exercising him frequently to gain muscle tone. His true character showed very soon, and made a massive change. He gained weight, muscle, and interest in sheep grew extremely quick.


He has shown to have a brilliant temperament, taking all new things in life with a wag of his tail, and a happy face. He is very brave, and hardy when working sheep. He has a good natural feel for sheep, with a lovely pace, very forward, yet a great way of settling sheep. He keeps growing, improving and has made a brilliant work and trial dog. He is a strong and powerful dog, never sulks and never backs down.



2nd Noordwijktrial Novice

4th BCCN Promotion National Final

1st BCCN Promotion trial Rosmalen

3rd DSDS Dutch National Nursery Championship



5th Weekend overall Vaarttrial Open class

16th (just out of the final) European Nursery Championship Heteren

3rd Seven Sister Open SDT